ADT Monitored Home Security: Always There and Still #1

An estimated 18 million American homes have alarm systems, and about one-third of those systems have something in common – ADT monitoring.

More homeowners choose ADT monitored security systems than any other security solution. The company isn’t just five times bigger than the next-largest competitor. It also has the most experience, the deepest resources and a proven track record as an industry leader.

More than 6 million customers who want the assurance of expertise, innovation and integrity turn to ADT monitored home security. Discover why you should too.

Get Extra Protection When You Need It Most

Like any homeowner, you take the well-being of your family and belongings seriously. The list of potential threats that could affect their safety includes burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and flooding.

Fortunately, ADT monitoring provides extra layers of protection when a threat is detected:

Alerting You – Sensors inside your home trigger a high-decibel alarm siren. With ADT PulseĀ® Interactive Solutions, you’ll also receive notifications on your mobile device by text or email

Alerting ADT – Your monitored alarm system simultaneously transmits a signal to a network of Customer Monitoring Centers. Dispatch operators stand ready to provide rapid response 24 hours a day, notifying local police, firefighters or emergency medical responders on your behalf.

With a discount self-monitored system, the burden of responding to alarms and notifying the authorities falls solely on you. With ADT monitored security, you have around-the-clock support from a system of four U.S. monitoring centers and more than 2,000 dispatch operators.

Call now to get more protection from the nation’s leading monitored security provider.

Enjoy Convenience for the Modern Lifestyle

Don’t think of an alarm system as an intrusive presence in your home. ADT monitoring lets you incorporate electronic security into your daily routine effortlessly.

Use the wireless keychain remote to arm and disarm the system, for those times when you have your hands full of grocery bags or the keypad isn’t within easy reach. Bring frequent visitors into the loop with multiple access codes, so that you don’t have to make a trip home from work just to let in the pet sitter or the handyman. And don’t forget that cellular monitoring is available with select packages – no need to install (and pay for) a landline phone just to enjoy home security monitoring.

The convenience of ADT monitoring doesn’t end there. Consider some of the other features that make it easy to enjoy a more secure home:

  • Wireless technology for no-hassle installation. The professional technician who installs your system won’t have to fill your walls with drill holes or string unsightly cables throughout your house.
  • User-friendly components with sleek, modern design. The equipment in your monitored home security system will be easy to use and easy on the eyes.
  • Mobile access and home automation options with ADT Pulse. This high-tech feature keeps you connected to your monitored alarm system and your entire home like never before.

A representative can tell you more about the convenience of monitored home security, so call today and get all the details.

Monthly Prices to Fit Any Budget

A security company doesn’t get more than 6 million customers by being high-priced. ADT monitoring prices offer affordability for a wide variety of customers. Choose one of five packages based on your security needs and your budget and get peace of mind at the right price.

For more information on packages and pricing, talk to a representative today.

Call Now for ADT Monitoring, America’s #1 Security Solution!

Only one security company has helped keep people and property safe since 1874. Only one security company has continued to lead the industry through the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Call today and join millions of customers who trust America’s # monitored security provider to help make their homes safer and their lives easier.